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About Dave

Two enduring themes in Dave Fromer's life have been music and
children. His new CD Shake A Hand is a celebration of both. In this
wonderful album, Dave blends his love of music with his unique rapport with
children and his appreciation of the simple joys they find in life.
Dave has been singing, playing, and sharing music for over forty
years. His musical journey started in the 60's when he formed, along with
his brother Jon and their friend Elbert Robinson, the folk trio Jonathon,
David, & Elbert. Within a few months of their founding, they recorded an
album for Philips Records (on which a young studio musician Glenn Campbell
played lead guitar). The trio toured with the Henry Mancini Orchestra and
later shared billing with The Beach Boys, The Lovin' Spoonful, John Denver,
Roger Miller, and many others. Dave has continued his musical career in the
decades since, performing and leading sing-alongs at community and private
events throughout the Bay Area.

Simultaneously, Dave was pursuing his other calling, working with
youth. He taught elementary school upon finishing college, and has focused
on coaching soccer and teaching guitar over the last thirty years. Through
such programs as his Marin Soccer Camps, he has coached over 50,000 local
youth with care, skill and understanding. With younger players he has
consistently incorporated music into his coaching, breaking out his guitar
for a song or two at the start of class. In many instances, parents of
program participants speak nostalgically of Dave having shared the same
songs with them back in their own elementary school days.
Shake a Hand, is in many ways, a culmination of the passions that
have driven Dave over the years. This three year project was initiated with
the encouragement of his wife Jacki, his songwriter producer son Reed, and
close friend Jim Reitzel, a bassist and studio engineer. The CD features
fourteen musically engaging and lyrically uplifting songs, nine of them
written by Dave's brother Jon. The positive, humorous, educational, and
inspirational nature of the material is a perfect fit for Dave's warm,
accessible vocal approach. The CD also features top notch musicians such as
legendary mandolin player Dave Grisman and young guitar phemon Johnny

The CD has enthralled the children who have had a privilege to
hear it. Some instantly begin dancing to the beat, or singing along with
the lines they have come to know. Others simple sit and listen intently,
taking in the meaning of the lyrics. Overall, the most common reaction is an
immediate request to hear it again as soon as the final song ends.
The true depth of Dave Fromer's love for children and music is
evident on each track of Shake a Hand. It is common knowledge to those who
have experienced it first-hand. This CD offers the exciting prospect of many
more children now having access to his loving and joyful musical messages.

Shake a Hand is the recipient of the following awards:

• Winner, 2005 Dr. Toy's Smart Play/Smart Toy Product of Excellence

• Winner, 2005 Parents' Choice Silver Award

• Winner, Honor Award in the 2005 National Parenting Publications Awards

• Finalist, 2005 Children's Music Web Awards in two categories: Best
Recording for Younger Children ages 5-8 & Best New Artist for Pre-Schoolers